NMS Software, Inc

NmsSoft is a software development, web-based application hosting, network management, and consulting organization, solely dedicated to providing solutions and integration services for Microsoft and Linux platforms.

Products and Services

  • Data and Telephony network Management
  • GPS and Location Tracking Services
  • Network Monitoring and Dispatching
  • Helpdesk Solutions
  • Custom Software development Services
  • PBX, Voice Mail, and Data Switch Alarm Monitoring and Dispatching
  • SNMP Device Health Monitoring and Dispatching

  • Environmental Monitoring (Humidity, Temperature, pressure, ...)
  • Contact closure Monitoring
  • Power and Voltage Monitoring (UPS, Generator, Data Center, ...)
  • Automated Asset Discovery
  • Automation Services
  • Performance Reporting
  • Call Detail, Traffic Statistics, and Toll Fraud Applications